Elise Kramer

The owner, aesthetician and president of Ultimate Skin is very fortunate – She knew from the start what she wanted to do with her career.

At 17 she dreamed about being a theatrical makeup artist
At 18 she dreamed about being an aesthetician
At 20 she knew one day she would have her own spa
At 28 she was the founder of Ultimate Skin.

15 years later, along with her husband, staff of 20 and her clientele family of over 10,000 – she celebrates a milestone unparalleled in today’s small business world.

The Beginning

She wasn’t sure when or where or how but she knew one day …

After working as a makeup artist for a short period of time, Elise wanted to branch out and educate herself on what was going on underneath the makeup. That led to beauty school for skin care. Once this world opened up to her, she fell in love, ditched the makeup and began her continuing education in the clinical care of skin.

Her pursuit in the field led her to the Dermal Institute where her mentor, Jane Wurwand, founder of the Dermal institute, taught her that continued education was key for true success. Later, Elise studied under another mentor, Dr. Murad who encouraged her to pursue her dream of opening her own business. During this time, Elise also worked professionally as an Aesthetician in the industry, renting rooms in salons for years, eventually amassing a loyal clientele of over 1000 long term customers.

Never resting on her laurels, Elise collected and researched vital information over time; saving pertinent articles of business and skin care that would eventually become applicable to one day attaining her own spa. In her heart she felt that as long as her client list followed her, she’d be okay to go ahead and take this enormous leap of faith. To her surprise, this community grew like wild fire and the flood gates opened in a great location.

The Dream Fulfilled

In August of 1997, Ultimate Skin opened its doors and the rest is history!

Elise has been in the skin care industry for over 24 years. She maintains the work ethic and high standards taught to her by her mentors. The key ingredients are education and care. She continues these ingredients within the expectations and standards she’s set forth for her staff. Always on the cutting edge of what is new but more importantly what is safe and effective for her clientele, Elise’s belief is that professional care, along with with teaching about home care regimens and programs are what help her customers maintain the results they want for their skin, long term.

Elise’s Vision

Our goal and philosophy: Never forget who we are and where we come from. Maintaining integrity inside and out is essential. Provide serious clinical skin care mixed with good old fashioned, feel-good service and a touch of pampering. All this within the confines of a cozy neighborhood spa atmosphere.

Elise’s personal note

“We built a little spa with gusto that runs smooth and has the amenities that matter. We provide a pure experience. The spa is an urban escape and local vacation. We work hard to go above and beyond. We have high standards and I believe we have culled the best team in the business to maintain them.”

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